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From Principal's Desk

"Every parent has a dream. Every child grows up with a dream in his/her eyes."

Dear Parents

At Cambridge, we ensure the all round development of our children. The school provides the best of facilities and also recognizes the individual needs of the learner. Cambridge is a joyous journey of self discovery, whereby children discover themselves in all spheres of life.
We have a high quality, broad based curriculum which promotes critical thinking and creativity. Here, learning is continuous, meaningful and fun filled for our learners. Our students are nurtured to be confident and are prepared to face challenges in all walks of life.

They are encouraged to be inquisitive, open minded and innovative. Our team is committed to provide our students with a balanced education that focuses on both intellectual and emotional development whereby they believe in themselves and have the courage to achieve what they dream about. We invite you to experience the encouraging, concerned and joyous atmosphere here.

The team would be more than happy to interact with you.

Ms. Sapna Katoch

Cambridge International School, Kapurthala