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School Infrastructure

Cambridge International School, Kapurthala, the best CBSE affiliated school, is situated in approximately 4 acres of land in the heritage and provides the best learning experience in both scholastic and co-scholastic arenas. The school has an air-conditioned campus with adequate classroom space and a huge library containing adequate books including autobiographies, dictionaries, reference books, story books etc. to provide maximum benefits to the students. School has properly maintained separate washrooms for boys & girls and Water purifiers with ROs are installed for safe drinking water as well as.

To enable the arts to flourish in our school, we make high quality resources available to all our students. In the Foundation Stage, children learn through creative play and as they move through the school they receive formal teaching of art and design, dance and music. As the school expands we aim to provide further courses in drama or media studies.

Students learn the art of experimentation, experimental and analytical skills, conceptual learning and developing collaborative learning skills. To satisfy the above, we have a well-designed lab with the necessary apparatus & equipment. We make our children believe that experimentation is the sole judge of all scientific truth.

While a school's physical infrastructure is crucial in creating a supportive atmosphere for a student's academic journey, another vital aspect is its digital infrastructure, which sets it apart from other institutions and has significantly changed how instruction is delivered in classrooms. The concept of "Show me and I understand" is becoming a reality because of the use of digital technology in education, which is gradually changing the way the education is delivered as a whole. The following are some significant ways through which digital technology has changed the delivery of educational content in the school.

The entire campus has been converted into a high-speed Wi-Fi campus to boost staff and students' access to digital resources. This improves both staff and students' e-learning habits.

The school has high-speed internet connectivity that meets the needs of students for emailing, CBSE portal access, and internet access. The smart boards from Smart Technology are connected to multimedia systems in many classrooms that have internet connectivity, which the teachers utilise to instruct their students.